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Validate Our Votes is a collaboration between Melting Pot Patriots and Best Way Websites.


We are establishing a firm foundation for American society based upon mutually respectful love, natural law, traditional family values and absolute liberty under God.



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Douglas E Nevill, Sr

Most of the content on this website (graphics and text) is my own creation, and therefore my own convictions and opinions are revealed here.

The contents on this website is not an indication of 100% agreement with any or all of our partners, sponsors and supporters.

Sponsors, Partners and Supporters are simply patriots that love America and none of us are in complete agreement with one another.

"The Right" does NOT march in LOCKSTEP like "the Left."

Freedom of Speech

So, go ahead and disagree.  We believe in freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech means I must be free to say whatever you want to call "hate speech".   

Freedom of speech means you can say that I'm ugly and a moron and "F* * * You ... I hope you get covid and die" (which I have been hearing A LOT lately by people driving by my business) ... and make a vulgar hand gesture at me.  It's not fun for me, but I don't want you to lose that freedom to express your opinion, even when it is not flattering of me.

I would say back to you, "I love you and I pray you will be healthy and prosperous."  I still have freedom to say that.

Freedom of speech works both ways.  I have the freedom to say you are a moron for believing in evolution.  I have the freedom to say I think the "pandemic" is a "scamdemic" or a ridiculous "feardemic".

Freedom of speech means we all have the freedom to be wrong.  That is how it works.

The "Censorship" that we are seeing in our day should terrify us all, regardless of whether or not we are "left or right".

So, understand us when we are fed up with being banned and shut out.  The LEFT is never shut up.  It is only the RIGHT that is being silenced.

We Value our Rights

Our rights are God-given.  The US Constitution does NOT GRANT our rights.  It only PROTECTS them.

Stop trying to take our rights away.  This makes us unhappy ... very unhappy.  You might even say it makes us angry ... you might even say it makes us "fightin' mad."

We really love the freedom of speech and the freedom we have to keep and bear arms.  We feel threatened when those things are being encroached upon.

Back Off.











Who is Behind Validate Our Votes?

Who is Behind Validate Our Votes?

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