This page provides information, education and instruction for Candidates.

If you are a Candidate running for office and you would like to apply for Validate Our Votes, [tap here].

There are four main components of our election systems:

  1. Voter Databases
  2. Poll Books
  3. The Tabulation Systems
  4. The Reporting Systems

These have all been "captured" over the past few decades by corporations.  Our votes can be manipulated externally and internally and this is why we must return to the previous "paper" voting system and remove the technological aspects of our current voting systems.

Validate Our Votes exists as a third party vehicle to provide data that can show that votes have been manipulated by simply comparing the tally of votes counted.

Notes for Candidates and their Webmasters or Website Developers

How to Embed your VOV Widget into your website

You can use the following CODE - below is an example.  You will be issued your unique, encrypted code snippet to embed on your website anywhere you want.

<div id="search_result_div" class="[your encrypted code snippet goes here]"></div> <div id="voting_popup_div"></div> <script async defer crossorigin="anonymous" src=""></script>

How to Embed your VOV URL onto any image on your website

You can use the following URL - you will be issued your unique, encrypted code string that will follow after the "key" element.

<a href="[your encrypted key goes here"><img src="your image path"></a>

Graphic Assets We Provide

You may use any or all of the graphics below on your website if you are a candidate using Validate Our Votes.







Please note that you are welcome to use whatever graphics you own to use to link to your VOV code snippet or URL.

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