Validate Your Vote

Welcome to the Validate Our Votes website.

Validate our Votes is a service that enables candidates running for public office to receive confirmation from their constituents that voted for them, thus verifying their votes. 

This data, collected by Validate Our Votes, can be compared against the "official count" in an effort to stay the tide of voter fraud.

For Candidates Running for Public Office

If you are running for a public office and would like to be able to use the Validate Our Votes system, please complete our Candidates Application.

After you have submitted your application and have been approved, we will send you your encrypted codes to place on your website.

  • You will find instructions for how to use the resources that we provide on our Candidate's page.

For Voters Wanting their Votes Validated

If you are a voter and want to validate your vote for the candidate of your choosing, they must be using the Validate Our Votes program.

There are two ways you may validate your vote:

  1. Visit the candidate's website directly and you should see the Validate Our Votes logo or other instructions enabling you to do this.
  2. TAP HERE to validate your vote on this website.

For voters that want to learn more about the Validate Our Votes program and why it is needed, please visit our Voter's page.

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