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Validate our Votes! March & Protest
Marches, Walks, Parades & Protests


This is a mantra that belongs to us and has been violently and illegitimately appropriated by the left.  President Donald J. Trump LOVES America and LOVES Americans (and the people of other nations, too).  Because of this LOVE for THE PEOPLE of America, he HATES those things that hurt the people that he loves.

You cannot LOVE LIGHT without HATING DARKNESS.  Donald J. Trumps "Hater" is in the right place, and so is his Heart.

Just what do we want our marches and protest to look like?  If you are going to be involved in a march or protest that you want to claim is a connected to VALIDATE OUR VOTES or, the actions that we are calling for and sanctioning are listed below.

The Doobie Brothers Song: "Takin it to the Streets"
Below Seemed Appropriate to Put Here

  • If you cannot maintain these things below, please do not participate in our events.

1) Peaceful

Violence, destruction and verbal threats belong to the left.  Leave these VICES with them.  Don't bring them to any of our events.  It these things are in your mind or heart ... please stay away from us.  

We understand your anger.  We also accept that it is valid.  Control your anger.  Leave it at home or don't go.  You CAN control your emotions and we INSIST that you do.

If you bring anything that is not PEACEFUL to one of our events, we will call the police because we will assume that you are an ENEMY PLANT.

Count on being engaged by people from "the left".  Do not debate them.  There is no way you can make any progress this way.  Just smile and keep moving.  Don't get trapped into an argument with them.  Don't fall for their bait.

Ignore them.

2) Non Militant

We are not saying that you cannot defend yourself if you are attacked.  If you carry a weapon, we ask that you do NOT brandish it.  (I ALWAYS carry a concealed weapon with me EVERYWHERE, but I have NEVER had a need to Draw it out).

We support the 2nd Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms.  That is NOT in question.  We do INSIST that you don't BEAR them at our events.

We will TRUST law enforcement and GOD to protect us.

If you want to have a march or demonstration and open carry your arms, we acknowledge the freedom and God-given right you have to do this, just don't do it at our events.

Crystal Clear?

If you are AFRAID to join one of our events and follow these rules set here, let me remind you that GOD is NOT the AUTHOR of FEAR.  God is the Author of Love.  If you are afraid, PRAY for God's protection and His wisdom and then join us with CONFIDENCE that our county Sheriff and deputies and city Police forces will protect us from the violent actions of others.

Count on being engaged by people from "the left".  Do not debate them.  There is no way you can make any progress this way.  Just smile and keep moving.  Don't get trapped into an argument with them.  Don't fall for their bait.

Ignore them.

3) Charitable

Try to adopt the heart of Jesus and see those that oppose you as the pawns that they are.  Remember the words of the Lord Jesus from His Cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Try to understand that they have a reason that they are doing what they are doing.  They are acting out of their religious convictions.  Their emotions are fueled by their belief system and their actions are in line with what they believe.

I don't agree with them and I am fully convinced that they are deceived.  I can love them even when they hate me.

Love TRUMPS Hate.

Leave the Hatred with the LEFT.  It doesn't belong with us.

I am NOT a Pacifist, by the Way

I am quite the opposite, but I am in control of my emotions.  Cooler heads prevail.  I decide what I think and I control how I feel and I am the volitional commander of my actions, acknowledging the rule of God the Creator as my Sovereign Lord.

What does "turn the other cheek" mean?  We are not to immediately retaliate when we our honor is demeaned.  We don't have to insult back when someone insults us.

I have had people routinely honk at me while I am outside of my business to get my attention and then roll down their windows and then "give me the finger" and say something like "Fuck Trump and Fuck You and I hope you both DIE."  This has been unfortunately, ... common.

My response has been "God loves you and so do I."

On the other hand, if someone literally strikes me on the face, then what would I do?  If they hit me hard enough, I would do my very best to thrash them until they were incapacitated.

If they threaten my life violently or with a weapon, I will try to incapacitate them (even to the point fo death) if necessary.

  • I am NOT a pacifist, but I can control how I react.  Get it?

If someone hits me and it hurts a bit, I will tell them that I'll take that one but not another.  Get it?

4) Happy

I know that this is hard.  I have to take steps to be happy.  I am NOT happy about what is going on now with the COMMUNIST INSURRECTION in our country.  I love my family.  I love my friends.  I love my neighbors.  I love the ANTIFA and BLM people that have been protesting in front of my business.

It is HARD to be HAPPY when you are as HATED as I have been, believe me.  I understand the difficulty.


Don't take the bait!

Love TRUMPS Hate.

March, Parade and Protest with smiles on your faces.

I don't do the mask thing.  I don't believe the "Scientism".  So, people can see my smile.  I have no fear of either contracting or communicating any contagious disease.  I am healthy.  I am not ill.

If you think you need to wear a mask, go ahead.  I think you should breathe God's fresh air instead of your own exhaust.  I don't INGEST my own TURDS and I don't BREATHE my own EXHAUST.

So, I think the "covid" thing is a SCAM created by those pushing one world government.  TRUMP is in their way.  A part of this scheme was to FORCE mail in voting so they could do what they have done ... STEAL the election.


5) Patriotic

Take music players with you and play patriotic, fun songs and our nation's hymns.  Carry the US flag and Trump flags, banners and signs.

Just be sure to have some of the signs and banners for Validate Our Votes in the mix if you can.

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Parades Engender Enthusiasm

Parades are fun!  They are also the easiest and most safe ways to show your support and help promote a movement.  Vehicle parades (cars and boats) have become popular and largely for these reasons.

They certainly play a role, but they will NOT provide the broad reach that we MUST have in order to see our DEMANDS met.

Marches Show Support

A march by definition is feet on the ground and in the streets.  Parades that we used to attend (before the SCAMDEMIC) included vehicles and people on foot.

This could be done in our marches as well.

Protests Demand Action

The purpose of our parades and marches is to PROTEST the way our VOTING SYSTEM is CORRUPT.  We have ample evidence that voter fraud is SYSTEMIC AND APPARENTLY UNIVERSAL.

We DEMAND that ALL of our Votes be Validated.

Complete Overhaul of Federal Voting System

We are MANDATING a complete overhaul of our current voting system for federal elections.

Sure, we want a manual recount of ALL VOTES for every "Swing" state to start with.  This MUST be done now.  We DEMAND that every ILLEGAL VOTE be thrown out and ONLY VALID VOTES be counted.


I will NOT ACCEPT that they are VALID if we do NOT get the recounts. 

Note that this does NOT mean that we will say "Not My President" like the LEFT shamefully did to Donald J. Trump.

If Donald J. Trump Concedes

If President Trump concedes a loss and offers congratulations to Biden and Harris for victory, then I will be acknowledging them and supporting them as much as I can.

This does NOT mean that I will agree with everything they say or every law they enact, but they will be President and Vice President.

I may choose to ignore and/or disobey laws that they enact as a way of protest.  We'll see what happens after that.


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