We need volunteers that will accept the urgency of the crisis that we are in as a nation, be willing to lay aside as much business and personal affairs as they can and organize locally to take the message of VALIDATE OUR VOTES to the streets in their own towns.

  • You don't need anyone's permission, just get started!

Here are Your Steps

  1. If you voted for Donald J. Trump, please take a moment to validate your vote here if you have not already done so.  
  2. If you voted for someone else, but in retrospect wish you had voted for Trump, then I suppose you have extra work to do to make up for your foolish choice.  :-)
  3. Make a sign (large enough to be readable - as large as you can) with the words: "Validate Our Votes" to take with you on your walk.  (Don't wait on getting professional signs printed, unless you have a printer in town that can do immediately).  Download Ready to Print PDF Files Here
  4. Quickly call everyone you know that voted for Trump and is able to walk with you and take the message of VALIDATE OUR VOTES to the streets in your town.
  5. If you use ANY social media platform and have not yet been terminated from it, share this website right away.  (Note that you CANNOT TRUST that anyone will see what you post, but do it anyway.  It will only take a moment.)
  6. Arrange a meeting place with your group and Start Walking!  Enjoy the fresh air and be happy!

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